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Re: Re: barefoot

Oh, I must say, with all due respect, I re-read that , and then laughed
myself silly (several times). All three of my kids are barefoot, anywhere
from one+ to five years or so now, and I have flies, too,  heck if I'm quiet
enough, I'm almost sure I can hear the flies laughing, too. Can't see any
correlation there, nor with sweating either, unless it was a poor trim/shoe

I'm thinkin'  'bout putting the shoes back on, maybe that will help.
Anything to save on the flyspray (not natural, ya know).

Two kids are bare because it works for them, one is going back to shoes,
because it just ain't happenin for her (genetics).

One thing I do miss with shoes, I love the sound of shoes on pavement, maybe
not the associated concussion, but the sound still reminds me of when I was
a horse crazy little kid, and heard a horse, any horse, coming down the
street. It's still a thrill to hear that.

I guess where I fit into the barefoot vs. shoe battle is: barefoot if I
(they) can, but the modern trained, board-certified farrier is welcome to my
barn anytime. He and the vet are the kid's best friend (other than me, of

Cheryl in WNY
Horse Kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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Date: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 10:05 AM
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>Got 4 mares barefoot;  GOT FLIES.  no difference here whether shod or
>not.  Renie
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