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Re: Re: barefoot

Susan, that is such a shame that people would send you e-mails like that.
This barefoot thing should not become an "obsessive / preachy/ religious
thing". That is a sure fire way to make people want to run the other way.
It's like when someone tries to force or shove down your throat their
religious or strong beliefs  --- NOT APPEALING at all!  Riding barefoot
should not be made into such a big deal. It is a *choice*  not the *absolute
ONLY right choice*. As much as I am a strong proponent of barefoot endurance
riding, I am appalled that barefoot endurance riders would take it so far as
to send Susan or anyone else, such pushy and or nasty e-mails.

I choose to ride barefoot only because my main endurance horse has been
barefoot his whole life, and has not needed hoof protection so far (so why
fix it if it ain't broke?) And I like the overall results I am seeing in my
other horses. Come on folks, barefoot riding should be *educational and
about results/ factual data*, not "preachy/pushy" "opinionated" and or
borderline "religious".

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From: Susan Garlinghouse <>
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Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 9:12 AM
Subject: RC: Re: barefoot

> > I know Susan, you are going to say this probably doesn't have much if
> > anything to do with his being barefoot but I have owned him for almost 8
> > years and going barefoot is the only thing that I have changed in the
> > year.
> I'll repeat one more time, if it works for you, fine by me.
> I only object to faulty theories being presented as gospel fact, or
> insistence that I am being cruel to *my* horse if I conclude shoes (and a
> balanced trim) are the right way to go for *my* horses---which several
> private posts have very nastily proclaimed, and empirical science be
> Susan G
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