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for Dale or Sammy! Arabian trail horses

To the 2 people (Dale and Sammy) that were looking for trail horses for
CTR/slow LD that I said I'd help find, please send me your addresses again
(sorry, list).  These were in your price ranges!

A friend recently bought a 9yo purebred Arabian gelding that is friendly,
14.1-2H and surely adequately substantial, relatively quiet, and seemingly
trail-sane.  He wants to me to help find a good using home for him.  Looked
to me like an excellent solid trail prospect for someone that wouldn't mind
working through starting conditioning.  I took him out to a round pen just
to take some free pictures and can send some. If you need to know more, call
his owner (he doesn't ride, just has kids and other people ride his horses)
610-369-1210.  He said the previous owner just didn't ride as much as they
had hoped, and the horses sat in the pasture.  Being worked regularly at
pleasure speed (W/T mostly) for the past 2 weeks.  Russian and Polish lines,
medium chestnut with blaze and stockings; kind expression and VERY easy to

Other ads in "Lancaster Farming" -- Arabians with pleasure trail histories,
$600 19yo gelding 610-486-6968 (same category as my oldest mare that you
inquired about); 7yo 14.2H reg. mare, needs exp. rider $1500 717-445-7965.
One w/o mention of trail riding history: 6yo reg. mare $1900 (ad appearance
indicates dealer) 717-246-6339.    bb

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