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Re: RC: They ate beet pulp!

In a message dated 01-10-01 21:45:38 EDT, writes:

<< I discovered the secret to getting my elderly horses to eat beet 
 pulp!  Just tell them it isn't theirs and they MUST not eat it!  >>

LOL!  That worked for me, too. A couple of years ago I tried to get my mare 
(whom I was doing LD on) and hubby's gelding to eat beet pulp - you'd have 
thought I was trying to poison them!  My mare hated distance riding, so I 
bought another horse, who loves beet pulp.  Suddenly, the other two thought 
beet pulp was the greatest thing (since someone else was getting it and not 
them).  The mare (7 yrs old) has the metabolism of an air fern so has to be 
locked up at feeding time so she doesn't steal my gelding's food.  But 
hubby's 26 yr old gelding now happily slurps down his own big tub of sloppy 
beet pulp twice a day.  :)


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