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RE: barefoot


Thanks for the vote of confidence!  I've become a bit of a pariah to some on
this list as a result, but unfortunately for them, that never has deterred
me much!  ;-)

I'm working on putting together a loose-knit group of barefoot endurance
riders (including the wanna-be's out there!), which will include a website
where we can post our miles, stats, horse conditions at the various rides,
photos, etc.  I'll also be working on a "Ride Card" that we can have printed
up to take on rides that will show the rides we've participated in thus far,
as well as various stats such as miles completed (successfully), pulls,
vet's comments and initials and RMs initials.  Hopefully we can lobby Steph
to have a link on so that others who are interested can chart
our progress vicariously.

I'll be sure to keep you in the loop and let you know when we're getting
close to hammering out the final details for the website.

Kindest Regards,

Tracey Ritter and Cotey, Peruvian Paso Extraordinnaire
Portland, OR

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Tracy and Susan,
While I don't have a degree in anything. It has been my experience that  my
gelding now sweats less on rides. (I just started him back on 50s, he did 3
days on the fall XP,with his Easy Boots.) The sweat used to just run off
him, now he just gets damp, and I can now feed small amounts of alfalfa
without him stocking up and getting muscle cramps in the hindquarters as
soon as I start working him. Also his eyes don't get that gooey stuff in the
corners and his hooves used to ALWAYS be cold in the winter if I wasn't
riding him. Last year the snow would melt off his hooves while he was
standing in it. I was cool to see steam coming off them!
In the past there was always something not quite right with him. I stopped
vaccinating him a few years ago because they always left him acting sickly
for a few days. One time when the vet gave him a sedative to float his teeth
the affects lasted 2 days! One more thing, he is even holding his weight
I know Susan, you are going to say this probably doesn't have much if
anything to do with his being barefoot but I have owned him for almost 8
years and going barefoot is the only thing that I have changed in the last

OK I'll try to be quiet now. BTW good job Tracy you go girl!

Lori Cox

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