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Re: OT, etc.

If the ride has an imposed cut off, the RM should still use OT.
If it's the riders idea, as in your case, I see the dilemma you're referring 
to. I'm going to guess most managers are using RO. (My husband pulled under 
thosae circumstnaces this year, and it was listed RO) This still helps the 
vet committee know it wasn't the horse's inability to continue that caused 
the pull. (Which is supposed to be the point.)
The circumstances that really needs addressing is the one you brought up in 
your other post, about things like girth galls. Or, a cut or something. They 
aren't metaboloic, and aren't lameness either, but the horse just can't (or 
shouldn't) go on. I'm sure someone from the VC will see this and have input 
on what they'd like to see used?

Nancy Mitts

>From: "Cindy Collins" <>
>Subject: OT, etc.
>Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 08:48:56 -0600
>Hi, Nancy.  I understood that.  My question is when the ride has a cut-off 
>time or you, as a rider, just went too darn slowly that day, the horse 
>passing all vet checks and is free to continue, but you realize you CAN'T 
>reasonabley make the cut-off time and decide to pull???  At the Big Horn 
>this year, my horse passed the 75 mile vet check with flying colors, in 
>fact the vet fussed at me for riding too slowly on a horse in great shape, 
>but I knew that I couldn't or wouldn't be able to finish the last 25 miles 
>in the dark over rough terrain in the 3 hours I had left, so chose to quit 
>rather than ride that distance and get OT.  So, what was the pull code???  
>Please feel free to answer this or comment on it both privately and/or 
>through ride camp.  Cindy

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