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Re: Frank's kind nomination, etc.

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Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 7:04 AM
Subject: RC: Frank's kind nomination, etc.

> Cindy Collins
> To Everyone:  How kind and flattering to be nominated by Frank, someone I
> admire so much!  However, here's what i said to Frank:  "Bless you, dear
> Frank, but I cannot accept a directorship right now...financially nor
> mentally!  I was a director  and an officer, previously, and I really
> burned out.  I need to save all my pennies to ride, not to go to meetings!
> Love as always, CC"  On another thought, I understood what people were
> saying about "OT" being for completing a ride and being over-time.  I've
> been there, too.  BUT, what is appropriate to put down if you are at a
> check prior to the finish, you pass the vet check, but neither you nor
> ride management thinks you can complete the final leg in the time left!?
There's  nothing wrong
> with the horse and nothing wrong with the rider...what do you put down for
> the reason for not completing?

Based on our own experience, I would offer the following:

1) If the rider and the vets feel that there is not enough time to finsih
without injuring the horse, I would still call it OT.

2) The vets would be well advised not to pull the rider because they felt
there was not enough time to finish the ride without injuring the horse.  If
the rider defies that decision and runs to the finish anyway, and finishes
within time, the resulting protest will be upheld by the P&G committee and
the ride management will be censured for making the decision to pull the

> I'm not going to push a horse like that, so I chose to quit because I rode
> too slowly  or misjudged the conditions, whatever.

Good for you!!

Another example:  I had a friend who
> pulled herself at the 25 mile point of a ride because her horse developed
> a terrible girth sore...that's not metabolic and not lameness.   I was
> just wishing we had more specific items since people are now using these
> "reasons" to make decisions on horses' records, value, etc.  Interested in
> everyone's comments.  Thanks!  Cindy  Collins, AERC #176

Quite possibly we should have another one or two categories; one such as
"surface factors" might cover a situation such as the one described.  This
would  certainly offer the necessary education we are seeking by listing
reasons in the first place.

Barbara McCrary
West region director
Chair-Rules Committee

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