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SR Saddles

I have two SR saddles. One for each horse, because, of course, they have very different backs. The older saddle I've had for probably 6-7 years; it's the enduro model. I did get the enduro with flaps for my younger horse, but decided I liked the enduro model better. Sold it to get another enduro model, which is now about 2-3 years old.
Very good workmanship. Saddle fit is great. Saddle can be refitted for a small charge when your horse has a major back shape change, should you need it. I've found Steve understanding and great to work with - good customer service. And I find the saddle a very comfortable fit for me.
These are custom fit saddles and IMHO well worth the money.
By the way, I tried the Ortho-Flex and the Sharon Saare. Just didn't work out for my boys.

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