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Re: RC: Nomination comments

In a message dated 9/30/01 1:46:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

<< Cindy Collins
 I have to say that I agree with much, if not all, of Steve's comments.  I
 expecially would like to see the AERC take away all "illusions" of placing
 within L.D.  It just sickens me to hear people talking about "winning" a
 L.D. ride and it happens all the time.  There's no way I can convince
 novice riders that it's not a race when we list them in finishing order.
 The idea of listing alphabetically, both at the ride awards and in the
 AERC is EXCELLENT!  Also, while I'm at it, please consider adding pulled
 because of  "time" or "over-time limit" to reasons why a horse didn't
 complete.  It looks ridiculous to put rider option  and make folks
 questions whether a horse was OK, when often, especially on 100s, the
 horse may be absolutely fine, but the rider just misjudged the speed or
 the terrain and ran out of time prior to the finish and so pulled at a
 stop.  Having personally quit the Tevis and the Big Horn 100s at the last
 vet check, with a horse in excellent condition, after passing the vet
 check, because there was no way I could make the 24 hour limit, I'd prefer
 to be able to give a more accurate accounting.  Finally,  I'm also
 concerned about the ideas being tossed about to require that all 50s have
 more than one vet check.  If this happens, I just hope that multiday rides
 are given an exception.  Just my thoughts.  Cindy Collins, AERC #176

    I hereby NOMINATE CINDY COLLINS for Mountain Region Director for Ride 
Season 2002.

    Frank Solano

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