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Re: Portable corrals for safe for stallions but light and easy to set-up/carry.

Let me preface this by saying there are disadvantages to every type of
containment system I have found.  I think I own most of them and use the one
I think is best for the horse with consideration given to the terrain.  My
corral is made of slightly shorter panels that would fit across the bed of
my pickup.  This way they are lighter than the 6-8 foot panels although
there are 11 of them.  They are a pain at multi-day rides where the base
camp moves because it takes time and muscle to break them down and set them
up again.  Additionally one of the USA East horses managed to get tangled up
in one at the Pan Am and couldn't start the ride.  For most endurance rides
the metal corral is my favorite.  If you don't have someone near you that
can weld I can pass along the e-mail for the person who made mine.  He is in

Sandy Terp
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> Karen Webb
> I am looking for a portable corral set-up for my stallion to take on
> endurance rides.  I am tired of tying him on a picket line which simply
> doesn't give him enough room to move around.  However, an electric
> portable fence situation is out of the question for his safety and that of
> other horses.  I have been looking at portable corral panels but most are
> too heavy or too flimsy looking.  Saw one set-up at the Biltmore ride that
> looked like 5'wide round pen panels which looked pretty sturdy yet might
> be managable for me, but could never find the owner to ask about it.
> Anyone out there with stallions with suggestions?
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