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Questions on Nomination statement from SW


You are at least definite in the platform you put out as opposed to many

For my own curiosity since I cannot vote in SW - what are your views on the 
follow-ons to your statement.

***Elect one Director from each of the nine Regions, with an 
> alternate Director to insure representation at Board meetings.

What are your views on having Director-at Large?  do you want the final board to be 9 total?
At adopted - it would be 17 if you had one per region - 9 regions plus 8 DALs compared 
to the present 26.

**Eliminate all national awards 
> for LD.

Does this mean you would support regional LD awards?  the following statement seems to
say no because without any recognition - there is no way to have any awards.

Eliminate placing and timings, other than overall time limit, 
> for LD rides to discourage racing.

***Encourage International to form its own organization and remove 
> the seemingly endless discussions concerning International endurance 
> racing from AERC, most members of which could care less.

Would this mean that you would not support having some AERC rides as FEI so that the
international competitors would have to put on their own FEI rides to qualify?

Mike Maul

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