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Your ride


I am hoping to make your ride in October.  Do you have any email entry
forms?  If  I feel that my horse, Nyke aka Nykoss, isn't ready I may
still bring him and practice camping and help out at your ride.  None
the less,  I think we'll only do the 25 so I can still pitch in and help
out on any grunt work needed.  (Just please don't put me in a technical
spot such as heart rates!  I'm not ready for that yet.  I'd be more than
happy though to fill water buckets, run errands, etc.)

I haven't contacted Jane yet.  This is one incredible horse!  He has
wowed everyone that sees him.  He has this long legged walk and extended
trot.  He even moves out in a way I'm not used to with Arabians, and
that is with his head lower but stretched out.  It isn't saddle fit
issues, as he walks that way on the lead rope or in the pasture.  I
guess if winning a track race by the nose is important he has that
down.  I am still working on him with some ground manners issues but he
tries very hard.

In any case, my best friend is Marilyn Wiese, and she will make that
ride, too.

Kris Givens

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