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Steve Rutter Nomination Statement

To paraphrase Voltaire, although I may disagree with some of what Steve says, 
I respect his courage for saying it.  I hope people realize that Steve 
chaired the Bylaws Committee which prepared the draft bylaws revisions and 
that Steve deserves the lion's share of the credit for all the thought and 
work which went into them.  One goal Steve mentions which is unarguable is:

<< 10. Maintaining the sound financial practices implemented these past few 


Likewise, Vicki Rutter, Steve's wife, deserves the lion's share of the credit 
for implementing and maintaining these sound financial practices.  I consider 
Vicki to be perhaps the most indispensible person for the smooth operation of 
the AERC.  Steve,  can you tell us if Vicki will be running again for 
regional director also?  What role with the AERC does she see for herself in 
the future?

John Parke
Solvang CA

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