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Fw: Nomination Statement


I don't know if this made it to ridecamp when I originally sent it.  Can
you check and/or put it on the list.


--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Randy H Eiland <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 10:17:38 -0600
Subject: Nomination Statement

Most of you know me so I won't list a long resume of my personal
information. You first elected me as your Regional Director in 1992 and
since then I have worked hard to represent the interests of the Southwest
Region and AERC.  As one of the SW Region Directors I have served you and
the AERC membership as Chair of the following committees:  Ride Manager's
Committee, Sanctioning Committee, Sponsorship Committee, I have been a
member of the Competitions and Protest & Grievance Committees.  In 1998 I
served as AERC Vice President and 1999/2000 as AERC President.  I also
managed the first two AERC National Championships. I have about 6,000
AERC miles and the Eiland Family has about 25,000 cumulative AERC miles. 

There are a number of unresolved AERC issues that affect us now and many
that will affect us in the future.   A short list of these issues
includes:  1) Increased income flow to AERC, 2) a cap on expenses to AERC
and the Membership, 3) increasing AERC membership, 4) strengthening
AERC's position as the premier endurance organization in the United
States and the world, 5) strengthening the AERC National Championship
Rides, 6) Trails Preservation, 7) insuring that AERC and its membership
remains the primary concern and interest of the Board in spite of outside
pressure, and 8) developing a long range plan for AERC.  These are
important issues that I have worked on over the years and want to bring
to resolution....although these are not the  only issues facing AERC.

I would like to continue representing your needs and wishes and I am
always available by phone, fax, e'mail and often in person at rides I
attend and rides I manage.  I want to continue working towards solutions
that serve the best interests of the majority of SW Region Members and
AERC.  I ask for your vote to re elect me as your Regional Director.

Randy Eiland 

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