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A few OT pictures

My photos from the OT are posted at: - we were treated to the
glory of blazing Fall colors in the Aspen stands.  We saw deer and wild
turkey, and kept an eye out for elk herds.

My mare completed two LD days, we started a 3rd day, and I pulled because I
was soooo tired & my hip flexor muscle got tweaked & I was riding crooked.
I took it slow because it was so rocky & my mare is learning not to race.
She's still having her bucky fits, but they are shorter every time - down to
about 3 minutes on the last LD day so she's improving in leaps and bounds.
She's virtually quit jigging, YAY!  This is a great LD ride for young horses
because it's slow going, steep, and rocky requiring the horse to pay
attention to the footing at all times.

Got to ride some with the endurance icon, Trilby, and hear a little of her
wisdom. :-)  Trilby beat me into camp after I pulled Luna off trail to deal
with her attitude problem. <g>  Hope to be back next year for a couple of
50's on Luna & some LD with my upcoming 4 y.o.

Happy trails -

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