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[ectra] Warm Weather

>>How about you GA folks. What do you think?

Well, I'm in far North Georgia/TN line, but Whereas January and March
tend to be nasty, we often get some really nice weather in Feb. that's
known as "Yankee Summer". Supposedly during the Civil War we got a few
weeks of that 60 degree weather and the Yankees thought Summer had
arrived and ditched their coats.  It's not at all unusual for us to have
really nice weather several weeks of Feb. but it's hard to predict, and
this has been a really cold winter.  If you want to camp at Pigeon Mtn.
in LaFayette, GA the trails hold up fairly well, it'll be rocky, but it
always is. Gets a little slick, but not a whole lot of boggy.

Angie McGhee
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