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wormer question


I have a friend that has a horse (TB) that looks wormy
to me - dull coat, extremely sluggish, a little thin.
She did not worm from April until late August, when
she used Zimecterin. I think the horse needs worming
again. She is worried that she does not want to give
too much too soon. I was trying to remember the
overdose rates for wormer and remember that Zimecterin
was 10x or something - Does anyone know?

Has anyone heard anything about a intranasal spray
wormer for horses? My friend says that she wants to
wait until the vet comes out and gives that. Does
anyone know what class of wormer that would be? I
think that she is not switching wormers and if this
nasal spray dewormer is also ivermectin that will not
help her horse as it will miss some types of worms. 


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