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Re: RC: Temper tantrums?

Try a tire inner tube between the horse and the trailer (or tree) with a 
double halter (maybe one could be a "Be Nice" halter). She can sit back all 
she wants on that and it will just snap back.

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Subject: RC:  Temper tantrums?
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 10:02:13 -0700

Sallie Sullivan
I have a 5 yo Arab mare who constantly insists on setting back on the
halter while tied to the trailer.  She broke loose once while being taught
to tie (the halter broke) and it seems she thinks one of these times it
will happen again.  So far, it has not but not for her lack of trying.  It
is sporadic but increasingly frequent and one of these times she's going
to get hurt or hurt someone (me).  I've about decided it's time to resort
to extreme measures.  A belly rope tying her to a Pin Oak in the pasture.
Any other ideas?

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