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Re: Sports saddle question

> Does anyone know- is it possible to change the rigging (get the stirrups
> set back) on a sport saddle or do you have to have it made that way?  If
> it is possible, who can do it and how much does it cost?

From my experience, the only way to alter the rigging is to send the saddle
back to the factory.  They *say* that the job can be done in 30 days, but
I'm waiting until early winter to maximize that possibility.  The cost is
minimal.  And, since there's no tree to crack or break, shipping is not a
big deal.

I took my saddle to a very good local saddle fitter/repair guy.  He opened
up my SS and freaked out.  He said that, in order to move the rigging, he'd
have to tear up the foam inside.  Closed it right back up again.


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