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Re: RC: garlic

Well- I guess my gang should all be dead .. horses  -dogs  me??.. I feed
garlic to help with bugs  it does seem to work better then all the fly
sprays .. or clip on things  ..   How do I know it works? Check under
the belly - note all those scabs spots along the midline. the flys
feast there and may lay eggs?  anyway its a mess on most horses all
WELL - mine are ALL clear  no crud no nothing  I note the flys swarm
but do not tend to land and bite into the horse.

SO for that reason I will feed  it.. many supplements companies would
be  sued by now IF the herb really caused problems.
It is reported to aides with the immune system  - thats why I take it
and it just MAY help the horses.
I feed it to the dogs also - less fly and nats on them.
I feed the recommend does - to 2x time dose in the high fly season -
about once a week. I use pure garlic powder.

I also mix garlic oil with vinegar  and some ceder oil  and this is
my std fly spray - they smell good.
Seems to help  --

Thursday, September 13, 2001, 11:45:52 AM, you wrote:

K> Does anyone know exactly what the benefits are supposed to be in feeding a
K> horse garlic on a daily basis..... other than that of aiding in keeping away
K> the flies and insect pests during the summer months.

K> The head yard girl at the stable where I livery said that I should
K> definitely have my Andalusian on daily garlic. She is so convinced of this
K> that she began him on the garlic from her own personal supply , while I
K> ordered some for Kiowa himself.

K> On another list, I just read that someone's vet told them that garlic is
K> poison to horses ( " one reason the insects avoid the garlic fed horses
K> during the summer" ) , and that it should never be fed to horses under any
K> circumstances.

K> I don't think that I really believe this, but what are the experiences of
K> other readers?

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