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Fwd: RC: Re: Terrorism

To Heidi & Marryanne:
Osama bin Laden hunted by the U.S. Why not the Arab Nations also hunting who 
could very well get the job done pronto IF they wanted to. They don't want 
to. They don't offer any help to us either. Wake up. Unless they do 
something to weed out their own lord help them too. Interesting video on
showing Yasser Arafat celebrating our disaster with others including 
children. The hypocrite then sends a video over here showing him giving 
blood for us. He is the biggest liar on the planet!

Bye Hope Lundquist
>From: To: , , Subject: RC: Re: Terrorism Date: Thu, 13 
>Sep 2001 14:21:37 EDT
>In a message dated Thu, 13 Sep 2001 1:33:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "John 
>Bass" writes:
> > Osama bin Laden has been actively hunted by the U.S. since the
> > bombings in Kenya & Tanzania where 224 lives were lost including 12 > 
>Americans. There is an indictment for his arrest along with 16 others, 4 > 
>have been convicted in a nine week trial, not a kangaroo court, in which it 
> > took 12 days for the jury to decide their guilt. > Evidence shows that 
>Osama bin Laden was also directly involved in the ship > bombing in Yemen 
>where 17 U.S soldiers were killed. > What does it take Lif? You may want to 
>give bin Laden the benefit of the > doubt, I don't. > This madman has to be 
>stopped, he has a couple hundred million dollars that > he is willing to 
>spend to bring down Western Civilization.
>John, I have to agree with you that there is plenty of evidence in other 
>incidents to convict Osama bin Laden and many of his close associates, if 
>we can just get hands on them. And my money is on him as being involved in 
>this attack as well, but the evidence-gathering process is still underway. 
>(And if this can, indeed, be laid at his feet, I hope this raises the 
>awareness of the American people about who he is and what he is about, so 
>that they WILL be more willing to support our government in going after 
>him!) This IS the sort of direction that we need to take in this case, 
>though--rather than going after his country of birth, people who share his 
>racial origins, etc.
>Heidi (who can also remember Arab people dancing in the streets when they 
>were liberated by US troops from occupation by Saddam's forces--NOT all 
>Arab people can be summed up in one "hate-America" political philosophy!)
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