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Re: RC: Hoof injured at coronet band

Hi Tish,

My horse just cut himself right above the coronet band, a 2-inch long 
gash that is about 1/4 inch wide. Did your horse damage soft tissue 
or hard tissue? I'm just curious as to how it is healing. My vet told 
me that my horse, worst case scenario, could end up with an infection 
inside the hoofwall so I am hot compressing,  washing with peroxide, 
then using furazone. I am then using an old sock pulled over his hoof 
up over the area to keep out dirt, debris, and flies. I'm also 
wondering how this will grow out.

Pam in MA

>I have a horse that hit its hoof in some mysterious way to knock a 1 inch by
>1/2 inch chunk out at the top of the coronet band.  I have it wrapped and
>have been treating with furazone/DMSO.  The vet told me it would cornify
>within about 3 weeks but will take 8-12 months to fully grow out.  I am
>wondering if it will be strong enough to subject to trail conditions.  Does
>anyone know of a way to protect this area of the hoof as it grows out?  Or if
>I even need to protect it?
>Tish Stoots
>Bozeman MT
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