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Fwd: Re: RC: Fwd: RE: Fwd: Arab Terrorist

Dear Heidi: Calm down! Facts are facts. Who knows where this will all lead 
to. World War Three? Sure hope not. The Pres did say all will be caught and 
punished as well as those who HARBOR them? What does that mean? I have a 
grandson who is in the military now. I hope he does not have to go to any 
ARAB country to weed out the responsible ones. We all have to realize this 
was not a small prank. Yes in WAR most of the victims are innocent 
civilians. We have lost thousands of innocent civilians in this one act of 
WAR. No one wins. I am sorry for you and all of us. Bye hope

>To: <>, <>
>CC: <>
>Subject: Re: RC:  Fwd: RE: Fwd: Arab Terrorist
>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:04:48 EDT
>In a message dated Thu, 13 Sep 2001 11:21:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>"hope lundquist" <> writes:
> > Dear Maryanne: I am sorry you are in denial about who has caused this
> > horrific tragedy upon us Americans.
>Oh, geez...  First, Hope, you posted a public response to a PRIVATE e-mail 
>sent to you by Maryanne--that is a terrible breach in "netiquette."  
>Second, although it appears that indeed, these particular terrorists are of 
>Arab descent and came from Arab countries, they are rogues in their own 
>cultures, just as terrorists such as Tim McVeigh are rogues in our own 
>culture and country.  Tim McVeigh was an AMERICAN--and we put him to death 
>because he was a criminal.  Most people that I've met from Arab countries 
>would gladly put Arab terrorists to death as well.  Criminals and fanatics 
>occur in ALL cultures and countries.  Please, can we STOP pointing fingers 
>at people simply because they come from another culture or religion, or 
>have a different skin color, and concentrate on the REAL problem here, 
>which is going after the INDIVIDUALS and small fanatic groups responsible 
>for these outrages?
>Hope, I greatly admire Maryanne for being BRAVE enough to stand up 
>(figuratively) in this forum and say that there are Egyptians and Arabs 
>that are as outraged by this attack as we are, and that we need to focus on 
>the individuals, and not go around beating up people just because they are 
>Muslim, or olive-skinned, or have last names that sound funny to us.  I 
>don't remember Maryanne's exact words, but in one post, she mentioned 
>something to the effect that she could likely try to kill an Osama bin 
>Laden with her bare hands.  But I share her fears for her peaceful Egyptian 
>children, scared in their dorm rooms in New York, not sure whether angry 
>Americans will lash out.  Posts such as the one you posted (which 
>incidentally, had NO credentials with it as to its source) are inflammatory 
>and sad.  While I won't say I'm naive enough to trust the major media 
>completely either, I'd still rather read what CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. are 
>And you're telling me that just because a couple of these fanatics are from 
>the UAE, there is NO one there who is worth knowing, and might just be a 
>sincere endurance competitor?  That's a pretty stunning leap in logic.  
>Next thing you know, those of us from Northwest will have to protest having 
>California competitors come to our rides, because of the couple of guys 
>that have gone off the deep end down there and performed multiple murders.  
>Tell me, Hope--does their actions make YOU a criminal????

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