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Re: RC: Re: Re: What we expect

In a message dated 9/12/2001 4:41:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Baloney.  I don't have a PhD after my name, I don't have a Tevis buckle and
I'm not part of the 'history' of endurance.  I make a difference in AERC
for no other reason than *I* made the decision to do so, and I am no
different than any other dues-paying member.

Well hell, that does it.  I am not paying any attention to you anymore.  I
thought you had at least a Ph.D    No Tevis buckle????  I am shocked.  Hey
guess what, I don't have one either.  I rode a horse on Tevis that was not
conditioned and I had never seen him before the day of the ride.  Got to
Robinson and quit.  I led the tired baby the last 5 miles.  He drank a bucket
of water, ate a flake of hay [alfalfa because I did not know better then] and
laid down and went to sleep.  After a while he woke up, drank another bucket
of water, ate more hay and then laid down for another nap.  My crew did not
get back with the trailer until 8 that night.  He took a nap in Auburn.  
Anyway, me, my dog and the horse were the only ones left.  The horse was fine
though.  Oh yeah, he was 16 hands tall.  Can you picture that?

Of course since I am an Icon and a national aerc treasure, I can't comment on
the rest of your post you ordinary member you........mb

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