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Re: Wrapping legs

Sue writes:
> I'm pretty analytical when it comes to doing something new or
> usually prefer to hang back and research the reasons and options before I
> make any changes.  This is one of the things I like about Ridecamp -- it's
> a bit more than a one-rat study for most things. When someone says they
> *always* wrap the legs after a ride (they do mostly 75s and 100s or fast
> 50s), I want to know more on this subject -- and perhaps, when my horses
> are doing 75s or 100s, this may be an important point

Hi Sue,

But after years of reading ridecamp and talking to endurance riders I have
learned one truth-
everyone does things differently, and what absolutely won't work for one
rider/horse combination will certainly work for another!

I have seen some top ten riders do things that I cringe at (get to camp very
late the night before a ride-not walk the horse and then get up late the
next day, hope on the horse with no warm up at all and go bombing off), with
no problems!!!  I think I have tended to be TOO analytical about all the
research and options.  Currently, I have a very strong, powerful mare that
can run up hills in hot weather all day long...and pulse down right away
back at the trailer. Take her to an endurance ride, and ride very
conservatively-and she has hanging heart rate at the vet checks!  Only way
to "solve" this is to just plain do more competitions with this mare and try
to sort out why,  or maybe she would just relax more.  Sometimes, if you try
to do things right, it still doesn't work!  However, I do appreciate you
aksing the questions of endurance riders!  It is very interesting to see
what they feed, electrolyte, tack, wrapping, etc.


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