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Re: RC: maintain conditioning between rides

At 07:57 PM 09/12/2001 -0700, Robyn Levash wrote:
I would very much appreciate some input regarding what you all do in between rides to maintain your horses's condition when consistantly doing rides of 50 miles +  and or multi-days?
Thanks so much!

Robyn:  The answer I give you is only what works for me.  YMMV  Generally speaking, if one of my horses is competing in one ride a month, then I'll ride him two times the week before we're going to the next ride.  Then, he'll do that ride, whatever it is, one day or multiday.....then I'll give him off until we get close to the next ride.  That's when I ride him again twice the week before, whether it be two, three, four, etc. weeks since the last one.  I hope that makes sense!  I can't really say that I ride anymore to actually condition, but rather just for fun and to have a good time (which is usually the case, but you know what I mean ....we aren't specifically working on hills, or sand, etc....just doing whatever)  I couldn't ride a horse and *not* have fun!  :+))  (even when I'm playing fruit rollup) 

I don't always follow that protocol though, sometimes I just want to go ride.  After we finished up the 2001 XP, I was bored and the horses were bored so we went out on a lot of little tinkering around rides just to keep us sane (or insane, however you look at it). 

When I worked them up to being able to compete in a ride a month (or more) year around, my protocol was a lot different.  I'm assuming you are talking about a seasoned horse who is competing on a regular basis. 

Also, I should mention that after I come home from a ride I do not just turn the horse out and leave him for two or three weeks.  Every day for at least three days that horse is hand walked out with our dogs on the trail, which is 4.5 miles long (the dogs get walked anyways, so it's pretty handy to just bring a horse along too)--- it does them good to get out and graze and I like to watch them move and their attitudes, alertness, etc.  They live here with me, so I get to spend a lot of time with them.  Most days I free longe them in a group too and have 3 of them together in a group so they stay pretty active. 

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 4,430 miles
& Weaver, 4,620 miles
...and Chief who actually hasn't been ridden yet :+D

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