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Terrorist Attacks

Title: RE: RE: OT: Terrorist Attacks
If everyone wants to do something today, right now to fight back against what the terrorists are trying to do to us, consider this:
1) Donate blood
2) Skip doing something nice for yourself and send the money to the Red Cross instead.  Not tomorrow, not next week.  Today.
3) Don't give in to panic reactions that will contribute to chaos and fear---that's just the reaction they want from us.
4) Do something nice for someone else today, because it's a guarentee that everyone in the country is feeling as bad or worse than you are.
5)  Resist the urge to say something nasty to anyone walking past in Muslim dress.  For every fundamentalist dancing in the streets, there are 100,000 other Muslims that are horrified.  Let's not make the same mistakes we did in WW2 lumping everyone into the same group. 
They can hit us, but they can't knock us down.
In memory of Sharon, John and Kevin, three lost friends who were in the Pentagon.
Susan G

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