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RE: Re: RE: OT Terrorists

You are so articulate!  Well since you know so much about this situation,
tell exactly how I am wrong.  
Start with the fact that the Palestinians want to destroy the country of
Israel and exterminate the Jews.  That is wrong?
How about the fact that the last US President was very supportive of the
Palestinian cause, forced Israel to accept 90% of the Pals. demands.  This
was rejected by the Pals. and Clinton was left with nothing to show for his
efforts at peace. 
And how about the FACT that ALL of Israel's neighbors have attacked them
(including Egypt) or wish to attack them.  I would be a little on edge too.

So please tell us all the truth, since I am simplistic and full of bullshit.


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I'm really sorry, Tony, but that is bullshit. I have too many Palestinian
friends (and for that matter Israeli friends) to listen to that. The first
person I called after I spoke to my Arab daughter was the wife of our Jewish
lawyer who is the children's "father" in New York since my husband died. My
daughter and her Jewish roommate sat in their dorm room waiting for word
that the roommate's Korean boyfriend at NYU was ok and the first person my
son checked on was his Jewish girlfriend. Her brother in law was working a
block away from the WTC and he managed to get away. That is simplistic and

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

The goal of the Palestinians is to exterminate the Jews, "drive them into
the sea".  That was told to me by several Palestinians.  If I were a Jew
living in Israel, I would be a little harsh towards the Palestinians as
The missles are flying in Kabul now, I hope that this time they blow up more
than just sand.
Not exactly endurance related but I can't think of anything else right now.
Tony Corbelletta

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