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I would hate to think anyone believes that I think there is an excuse for
terrorism. There isn't. On the other hand, what I would call a psychopathic
reaction to an event can be understood. To push the analogy a bit, plenty of
Americans would be cheering on those who could carpet bomb Afghanistan to a
parking lot, but the fact is that there may be 100 people there who may or
may not have any connection to the horror in New York and a million who
simply endure the misery of existence there. Do they also deserve to die? I
don't think so. This was a deliberate, premeditated and incredibly
well-thought out act. Whoever planned and executed it deserves the worst
imaginable punishment. My point was that the Palestinian dancing was an
irrational and inhuman response to years of abuse.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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From: Tara Latocha []
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 5:29 PM

I'm sorry - but giving them some sort of excuse, or to allow ourselves to
think that we are deserving of this violence is inexcusable. We do what we
believe is right, and unfortunately, politics can be rather ugly. Thousands
of innocent people are probably dead now...and what did this solve???? It
will solve NOTHING! The palestinians may be dancing in the streets, but
their situation will not change, and you can believe that we won't help. I
am incensed by this whole situation.. I am scared and angry.

 Whomever organized this probably won't claim responsibility, because they
know its suicide. They are cowards.

Tara Latocha
Loko Latocha Arabians

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