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Attacks on US soil

Carla Lawson
It was supposed to be a Normal day off. Nothing big had intended to go to
my dressage lesson. Sleep late etc etc etc. 9:45 Central Time. I am in
Deep Comatose nice feeling sleep. The phone rings it is my Brother Cary.
Robert tells him I am asleep.
I hear this
Shes asleep.
Your Kidding?
My God..
(at this point I think someone in our Family is in serious trouble.)
(I think Now I need to be making plans to have shifts covered.)
Yeah man I will have her call you
(I one is dead in my family, I can go back to sleep.)
I ask husband.."who was that?"
"Cary" comes the reply.
(with my brother Cary, sometimes it can snow in December and it is a big
event.) "is everything okay?"
Rob is still in his own dreamy slumber "yeah everything is okay"
"well what did he want?" I asked ready to turn over. "to tell us the World
Trade Center was bombed" very non-chalant.
I rolled over and thought for a second before it hit. I thought oh nothing
major probably just some goof ball threatening. But I jerked out of bed
quickly. Something bad happened. I turned on the TV. I could not turn it
off the rest of the afternoon. I watched. I couldn't turn it. I wanted to
throw up. This is not supposed to happen to us. We are the United States
Under GOD! No this isn't happening. I finally got up...I had too at this
point...I could not watch that plane crash again. I went outside. Our
horses were in the back yard...(mowing) I went over to Ansata and began
just brushing the heck out of her mane. With each stroke..more anger
flowed..This is an act not of Terrorism this is an act of COWARDS! Haley
being the one who is more sensitive to people wouldn't leave me alone. She
had to be right on top of my toes. I pushed her away to let me tend to
Anns mane. She would nose back. Push her away again. Mane was so tangeled.
She nosed back this time I just looked into her big brown eyes. Haley
knows when I am bothered. I just broke down and cradled her face in my
arms and cried. I cried for the families who lost today. Moms, Dads,
Sisters, Brothers, Husbands and Wives the list is endless. Names and faces
that I don't know.  Yet, here in my part of the world is a horse who just
knows when something is making me feel bad, she wants me to be comforted.
Her forehead lowered so I could rest mine to hers. She and I having one
special moment in time when the world I live in has been rocked. Yet she
hasn't a clue, only that her human is distressed.
All of our family is accounted for. I pray that everyone here is acounted
for,that you know, you are being prayed for. I do want to say that who
ever did such a sinister thing will know this. "You can shake us, Bomb us,
you may beat us up a bit. But you will not take our Freedom, our Spirit,
or Our United States. You will roast in hell and if I am there..I will
have marshmallows and a endless supply of gasoline. Until then may the
fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and the crabs of a thousand
prositutes infest your crotch. May you die a slow painful death." I
realize that George Bush was not as vocal as I am but hey..I am not the
President and I cannot be very nice sometimes.
Steph Please accept my apologies for posting this. I had to clear my
chest..Ansata doesn't have much of a mane left.
New York, DC our Prayers are with you.
Carla Lawson
Russellville, Ky

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