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Cuneo Creek

The Cuneo Creek two day 100 mile ride was great.  The state park has added several new trails and is in the process of building more right now.  It was hot the first day but Sunday we were greeted with fog which burned off about 10 or 11 AM.  It also has a great horse camp.  It has 12'x12' metal pens that do not touch each other and it has coin operated showers.  Too soft. 
A couple of the topics that are on ridecamp are saddles and pads.  A friend who rides mules is in the middle of a battle with padding.  His saddle slips quite a bit.  The Cuneo Creek ride will accentuate this problem because of the long steep hills.  Ron's mule has a classic mule back. 
A fellow who was at the ride has developed a new pad called the Leson Security Blanket which seems to have eliminated the slippage problem for Ron's mule.  It is not bulky, didn't slip, didn't get hot, and Ron just squirted it off at lunch and was ready to go.  The weight of the pad was only 24 oz. and would be less in English style.
I ordered one for my 4 yr. old filly.  The fellows name is Don Leson and he is supposed to have a web site up at the end of this week or the next.  If you  can't find him, give me a hollar and I can give you his phone number. 

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