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Re: RC: Re: What we expect

In a message dated 9/10/2001 6:50:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Bob, you make me want to raise the American Flag and salute! I am not sure
what to say. I agree with you on the informing issue. I would love to
participate in the annual AERC meetings but they are always out west.

Not always out west but when in the East it loses money.

Then I read where someone said Vegas was the perfect place because it gave

everyone something to do. I thought it was an annual meeting for the
members, not a social gathering.

Gee, I take vacation from work and pay air fare to go to fun places like
Dallas, Kansas City, etc. for the board meetings.l

(I am not looking for any answers) And Hellooooo, we have Disney right here
in Central Florida. Biloxi, MS has casino's as well, if that is the big
draw. AERC does print the minutes of the meetings in EN, but it is after
the fact. I also agree that having more board members as international
riders could very easily sway votes one way or the other. That is human
nature. Everyone has an agenda. But is it fair? I don't know. How do you
address that?

Most of the board members I know vote how their members let them know they

Members shouldn't have to call (on their own dime) to find out what the
update is on

nominations or anything else that is on going. I know EN only comes out once
a month and is not always timely, but it would at least be an attempt to
keep members involved and informed.

The nominations are due 10/1 and the ballots will be mailed within two weeks.
 How much more timely can you get.

Actually, at the end of the meeting, they could say what the agenda is for
the next

meeting, it goes in the minutes and out in the next issue of EN.

That would be ideal but we don't know what the agenda will be months from the

I would love to be on a committee but I am not going to beg.

This comment doesn't even deserve an answer.  BEG??????   Sorry but if you
want to be on a committe you actually have to let someone know.

I am not going to pay
for a nomination. I am not going to write a page long
description about me (boring!). If anyone wants my help, all they have to
do is ask.

$5.00 nomination fee.  If you don't write a platform of sorts, who would vote
for you.  They don't know you.

I think you are preaching to the wrong choir on this page. Some people
believe that if

you don't have a PHD behind your name or haven't ridden the Tevis or are not
a part of the "history" of endurance, what the hell do you know? They don't
want "new" blood. They make the rest of us feel like saying, "Do it
yourself, then". So if you want new blood, you need to look outside of
ridecamp. In order for members to be better informed, AERC board members
have to take on that responsibility. I want to see the sport grow here in
America, as well as overseas. I don't know how to address that subject and
still keep AERC intact as it is, for the most part. I don't want to see
money as the end all goal in this sport. I do want to see people riding
their own horses, year after year, staying sound and on the trail and
finishing in good condition. I also want to see continued education in the
vet area, and trail preservation. (Thank you Jerry who keeps us well
informed) Can we have it all?  Are you serious about the term limits? I
didn't realize there were no limits. I have never been involved in a club
that didn't place term limits on board members. Wow. I have been involved
in situations where no one else wanted the position and so the board member
was re-elected, but this is small club stuff. Tell me what I can do and it
is done. In the meantime, I will race, feed alfalfa to my horses and drink
beer after the ride. That is the American way! Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm   
Ride 'em any way you can!

I am sorry Lisa and I know you will think this is flaming and maybe it is but
this strikes me as such a poor me attitude.  You are not willing to beg for a
spot on a committee but you want them to beg you to work on it.  Sorry, it
does not work that way.  I know I should be more politically correct but I am
not so too bad....maryben

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