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Re: RC: Curb Bits (was Bit hangers)

okay, it was late & I was tired. Should have been "...jointed mouthpiece or 
swivel shanks"

Nancy Mitts

>To: <>
>Subject: RC:  Curb Bits (was Bit hangers)
>Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:06:25 -0700
>Nancy Mitts said:
> > My husband & I use curb bits with our halter bridles & they work just
> > Our bits do not have a jointed mouthpiece or shanks.
>I must confess to being a bit confused by this.  I have never
>seen a curb bit that does not have some kind of "shank."  The
>Kimberwicke is a mild curb that has a D-ring with slots that
>function as a "shank."  But this is still a shank to me.
>What kind of curb bit is there that does not have some kind of
>shank?  And if it doesn't have a shank of some sort, how does
>the curb chain/strap work (since this is my definition of a
>curb that has a curb chain/strap).
>Orange County, Calif.
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