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RC:Re: Temple Grandin-my teacher


I am a student at CSU where Temple teaches.  I have taken her classes, attended her guest lectures, and spoken with her many times in person.  She is a wonderful teacher.  The first time I herd her speak I was floored.  She spoke with such level headedness about so many emotionally charged issues that every one listened, she was biased to no one.  Temple will not march into a slaughter  plant and say what they're doing is wrong.  But merely  how can we make this better for everyone; financially for man and emotionally for beast.  She is practical and people listen and respect her for that.  I think before people start chastising her for what she didn't do--they should look at what she has done! I'm sure you will be impressed.


>From: "Susan Garlinghouse"
>Reply-To: "Susan Garlinghouse"
>To: "Antoinette Smith" ,
>Subject: RC: Re: Temple Grandin
>Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 17:24:13 -0600
>Since I know Temple personally, I have to agree with Dr. Newell's comment---there ain't nobody pulls the wool over Temple's eyes, and she is definitely not part of anyone's bureaucracy. Don't discount her common sense and experience just because she also happens to have a PhD. She's done more to improve animal treatment than any other ten people on earth. Bar none. And if Temple's 'handicapped', I wish I were so handicapped.
>Susan G
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> From: Antoinette Smith
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> Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 10:42 AM
> Subject: RC: Temple Grandin
>Have to say I am extremely skeptical of anyone who thinks Temple Grandin
>doesn't know more than just about anyone else about slaughter and livestock
>handling, and I sincerely doubt that one day of trying to pull the wool
>over her eyes, even if it were attempted, would be successful. The woman
>has way more than one day's worth of experience here.
> --CMNewell, DVM
> I can understand your faith in Temple Grandin considering her "qualifications". For a person with her handicap, she has done amazing things, but attending college does not add to one's common sense, rather, it tends to add to one's buracracy. I have read both sides of the story and I cannot dismiss all of the eye witness reports of rescuers who frequent New Holland, who did so before Temple was there, while she was there, and after she was there. Her flawed study set the rescue world on fire.
> Rescuers are not people who thrive on making up terrible stories just to get attention, not that I took your post to imply that. It's just that as a rescuer myself, I would like nothing better than to have a good report concerning anything regarding transport or slaughter, but the good report must be authentic, and Temple's was anything but authentic.
> I believe that anyone who has looked into both sides of the story regarding Temple's study would agree. There used to be some good information on it on the EPN's web site. I haven't been there in a while, as the study is a couple of years old. I've switched computers several times since then, so I don't have it bookmarked. Maybe someone else on the list has it and can share it.
> I hope I haven't offended you in any way. I appreciate your comments.
> Antoinette

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