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Re: RC: how much property for 10 horses?

--- "Allie." <> wrote:
> Sorry if this is slightly off-topic... but I do have
> an on-topic thing to 
> ask, too. (: 
> How much property would you need to sustain 10
> horses? 


A lot depends on the lushness & sustainability of the
pasture land you buy.  Even from one spot to another
within the same county there can be significant

That said...  Here in the NE, we figure a minimum of 3
acres per horse (with pasture rotation) to keep them
off of hay & concentrates while keeping the pasture
from being overgrazed.  Even then, we have a Standbred
off the track who still requires 2 grain feedings of 5
lbs/meal to keep adequate weight.  In other words, not
every horse can survive on just pasture.  Three of
ours do (and are FAT), one doesn't.  The STB has
droped from 8lbs/feeding to 5 lbs just by being out on
good pasture, though.

Plan on mowing to keep the "roughs" down and to
control the weeds.  Plan on good cross fencing &
rotation to keep the quality up.  Get familiar with
noxious weeds endemic to your area.

We have the soil tested and fertilize/supplement the
fields based on that.

Good luck finding just the right place!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
West Virginia

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