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how much property for 10 horses?

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic... but I do have an on-topic thing to 
ask, too. (: 

How much property would you need to sustain 10 horses? I can't find 
anywhere how much pasture per horse you'd need, if you're to rotate the 
pasture enough to keep the grass healthy, etc. My philosophy runs to 
keeping horses on pasture all the time... We will have a barn, but that 
will be for temporary or emergency use, such as an ice storm or injuries. 

I ask because my husband and I are planning to get property somewhere far 
from the city (and with lots of trails) but he's never had horses, and in 
my 18 years worth of owning them, I only ever had two to care for. We won't 
have 10 right away, but we plan to have a few of our own, a few retired 
horses, and a few friends have indicated they'd like to board if we can 
find a decent places near tons of trails. 

My other question is -- does anyone ride in the Gifford Pinchot forest? 
(Washington State) If so, are the trails any good. I've never been there 
before -- people say "Oh, the trails are nice" but of course they aren't 
looking at it from a horsey point of view. (: The Pacific Crest Trail is 
also of interest -- I've never even hiked on it. I can't believe I lived in 
Bellingham for a year and a half and never even knew it was close by. 
<shakes head> 

I just love this list. I wanted to thank you all for putting your brains 
out here for everyone to pick... I was delighted to learn that people do 
endurance barefoot -- I'm learning, slowly, about it all and when I do it, 
my little Arab and I will leave his feet just the way they've been since he 
was first walking around. (: His feet are outstanding. I may try Easyboots 
on a few rides, but we'll see how that goes. 



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