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East Bay25/50

A big thank you to the ride management of the Pacific So. International East Bay Endurance ride for hosting a great event.  The 25/50 was held in the Oakland Hills area and the trails took us through beautiful redwood forests and eucalyptus groves. It was challenging, but fun. The trail was well marked (thank you to the point riders who started earlier to check the ribbons), footing was very safe, little or no rocks, and a big plus this very arid summer...NO DUST! For those of us coming from the hot summer of Placer County, the high 60 and low 70 degree weather was a big bonus. Plenty of volunteers were available to assist the riders and most importantly, there were an experienced team of endurance veterinarians, headed by Jamie Kerr .  Unfortunately, not many riders signed up, which is a shame because they missed a very good ride. 
Karin Occhialini

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