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Re: RC: Generators , Solar Panels

At 11:55 PM 9/8/2001, Patrick Allen wrote:
>an inverter, and maybe solar panels to recharge the batteries ?  Hooked to 
>an inverter and let's say, I want to run a coffee potand maybe a few 
>lights and if I get really bored maybe my TV, (I can plug it
>into the cigarette lighter though)  Any suggestions?

My house is totally pv powered - it works great here in the SW and I don't 
pay monthly electric bills, what a blessing!  I would never go back on the 
grid again.  I have only turned on my generator to back up the batteries a 
few times in the past years.  I would like to get a wind generator to help 
out in the winter though.

My horse trailer has one solar panel with a controller and a deep cycle 
battery which runs all the trailer lights and the shower pump.  I lay the 
panel on the roof when I'm camped.  Trailer lights are generally already 
12v, aren't they?  You can buy 12 volt equipment pretty easily these 
days.  Paying for new 12v equipment is cheaper than buying a big inverter.

I also have a small inverter which plugs into a cigarette lighter which can 
charge my laptop - probably would run a small TV or radio  I wired a 12v 
socket into my trailer.  Most all the small stuff is available at any Radio 
Shack these days.

Yesterday I was at the local Pie Town Pie Festival (a fun event!) and there 
was a vendor there showing off a very small wind generator - at least 
that's what I thought it was.  I'm going to investigate it.  I'm wondering 
if it could be hooked to a horse trailer so that the battery is being 
charged while driving to a ride!

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