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Re: RC: saddle i.d.

>that's one of the joys of the SR saddles -- each has the saddle 
>production number on the stirrup fenders.  granted, the fenders can 
>be replaced (it wouldn't be cheap)  but it's better'n nuthin.  like 
>freeze branding the horse on the side of the neck where the mane 
>does NOT cover it, i'd prefer the i.d. on my saddle to be 
>noticeable, not hidden somewhere.  jim made up a small iron brand 
>years ago and we branded all our tack when we were going to horse 
>shoot, guys.  i remember a saddle being taken directly off the horse 
>at Earl Warren showgrounds in Santa Barbara while the horse was tied 
>to the trailer.

FWIW, ReactorPanel saddles have their serial numbers stamped deeply 
into the sweat flap and another less obvious place.

I'd like to think the thefts were an aberration and perpetrated by 
one or two (non-endurance) individuals...but I am hearing from 
friends about bags sent out to vet checks not getting back to their 
owners.  What kind of person would stead a cooler with a rider's 
horse's name and event name on it?  A non-endurance person, I'd bet.

Every year at my ride there are a few items of gear that go 
unclaimed, things like bell boots, an old shirt, sponges or scoops. 
One big score--last year somebody left one of those fold-up picnic 
bench/table combos--I took it to rides for months before deciding 
nobody was gonna claim it.  Handy little thing, thought somebody 
would see it put up and claim it, but nope.


Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 9/1/01

(Yes, Norco isn't a limited entry ride and the cutoff for a late fee 
isn't until 8/21; lotsa calls on that!)

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