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CA horses / droppy lips /stealing at Tevis

Lisa,  I had to chuckle at your description of CA horses and horses being 
too tired to hold up their bottom lips! heeee, heee, hee

Don't ya know everything in CA is bigger?  The rocks, the seagulls (maybe 
even the egos, but I doubt it...think Texas beats us on that one!)..just 
kidding folks...sit back down now.....

As for droopy lower lips...that just means they are relaxed!  My guy does it 
all the time and you can go up to him and boink it around.  Doesn't mean 
they are 'dead tired'. ha, ha.

They say Tevis is a very rocky, very rough trail and one 'theory' is the 
lack of water in the High Sierras made it even harder this year..I 
dunno...but it is pretty dry all over the west and now we have fires 

Also, I camp alot up there and unfortunatley alot of people travel through 
the area, steal what they can and cash in at Reno.  Happened to us at a 
campground...they took the cash and credit cards from the wallets that were 
hidden in the car, put the wallets back so we didn't realize it til the end 
of weekend.  Credit card company traced cash advances at Reno casinos.  I've 
never trusted camping up that way since...hwy 80 is just too busy.  I sure 
do hope that lady gets her saddle back...someone out there has gathered some 
pretty bad karma...

Take care, glad you make it home ok!
Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab.."hay, don't make fun of my lips!!!")

Kimberly M. Price

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