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horse sale ads...good home?

Jonni (
Being I have been looking at horse ads lately, I find one phrase sort of
amusing. "Good Home Only". Now I was just wondering, by putting those
words in the ad, do you think you will discourage those who will not give
the horse a good home from calling?  And again, if they are not a good
home, do they know it? Has someone ever told these people "You are not a
good home for any horse?" Would a person call on these ads and tell them "
I am really not a good home, but would you reconsider selling to someone
like me?"  I guess in some folks minds, the fact we ride our horses 50 or
100 miles in a day might not be a good home. (grin) I have never seen an
ad that read "will sell to any home, just bring money".

Anyway, I kind of chuckle each time I read "good home a must", as we ALL
think we will offer the horse a good home...I know I will!!!!!!

Jonni in hot Texas

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