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Re: horse sale ads...good home?

Hi Johnni

I put this on all my ads, it's a fair warning to people that I am going to
ask some pretty nosey personnel questions when they phone, it's also a
warning to the buyers with more money than brains that thing they can come
out and boast about how they plan to top ten at 10 rides this year on your 4
year old and then think you'll sell as they have more than your asking!!

(South Africa)

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> Jonni (
> Being I have been looking at horse ads lately, I find one phrase sort of
> amusing. "Good Home Only". Now I was just wondering, by putting those
> words in the ad, do you think you will discourage those who will not give
> the horse a good home from calling?  And again, if they are not a good
> home, do they know it? Has someone ever told these people "You are not a
> good home for any horse?" Would a person call on these ads and tell them "
> I am really not a good home, but would you reconsider selling to someone
> like me?"  I guess in some folks minds, the fact we ride our horses 50 or
> 100 miles in a day might not be a good home. (grin) I have never seen an
> ad that read "will sell to any home, just bring money".
> Anyway, I kind of chuckle each time I read "good home a must", as we ALL
> think we will offer the horse a good home...I know I will!!!!!!
> Jonni in hot Texas
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