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Re: Water Question.

I just sent Camelbak an email last week on a very similar issue!

I just bought a Flashflo for my husband to use for his first CTR this fall
and was lamenting the fact that we couldn't find another Go€Be (like mine)
for him.  The Flashflo is a waist mounted water bottle, with a sipping tube.
The Go€Be was the same thing, only twice the capacity and with lots of
cunning little pockets to put stuff (desitin, vetwrap, GU, hoofpick,
whistle, glowstick, bandaids, sanitary pads, tylenol, aspirin and benadryl).

I emailed Camelbak and explained how I really preferred a waist-type pack
for fast horse riding and that their other styles really didn't work too
well for horseback riding above a walk.

I received a short, curt reply stating that they no longer made the Go€Be
(duh!) and that they had no interest in reviving it.

If you can find anyone at Camelbak who can give you more than a two
paragraph brush off, please let me know! 

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