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RE: Water Question.

Mostly, we take it easy. If we go for hours in the desert, there's NOTHING around. But our horses are quite used to being ridden for as long as 4 or more hours at a stretch without water. Make sure they have  PLENTY to drink before you go out, maybe up the salt the day before and electrolyte and water a few hours before. During the summer here a cool day is 35 C, a lot like the weather in So. Cal. (I grew up in Ojai) and we ride early or late. Evening rides may last a long time as the horses actually get to cool as the temp drops. I've gone out at 7 and come back at almost midnight, but it's mostly walking in the summer.
Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt
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Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 8:57 PM
Subject: RC: Water Question.

I ride in So. Cal. and we ride high in the Santa Monica Mountains on fire
roads where it can get hot and there simply is no water to be had.
Is there an efficient way to carry some water for horses??

We usually try to ride early in the morning, 8 am or later, 4pm.
So far we've been out around three hours at a stretch but we'd like to go out
for longer training rides.
True, when we get back, the horses often don't even head straight for the
water.....So maybe I'm worrying needlessly.
Nonetheless, I won't do anything to compromise the health of my horse...
I'm relatively new at long rides so any help is appreciated.

Those of you in desert areas.
What do you do about watering your horses when you're out for hours and hours
training your horse and there's no water around???


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