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v2b Merchandise

Good Morning,  today i'm going to a Hungarian Freedom Fighters Picnic in Berkley Springs, W.Va..  They are a Non-Political group established in 1956 to assist the replacement of refugees into America with jobs and housing.  Since Hope and Larry posted on merchandise i'll add a few things.  Larry has a 4 color shirt that cost him $860.  I have a B&W that cost me $350.  Larrys sell for 20 and mine for 12.  Anything above our costs i assure you will go to the children.  Wrangler donated the shirts and they are white w/a pocket.  Most of them are Large and Extra Large tho there are a few small and mediums. They are to be worn as a fashion statement.  Worn outside the pants, baggy and the belt buckle off to the side if you so desire.  I'm charging 3.50$ shipping because thats what it costs.  We have donated hats from Horse Country Saddlery in Warrenton, Va.  who has always sponsored me good all the way back to GAHR and the European Championships before USET footed the bill and i had to pay my own shipping of 10k$.  They are black w/a Zebra on the hat.  We only have a few.  I'm putting together a silk scarf in B&W that will have the course map that appeared in the article  in the Chronicle of the Horse written by Genie Stewart-Spears in the Endurance Issue on Friday, 20 July of this year.  They will also have the Seal of The Immortal Order of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe.  Americas Oldest Equestrian Order.  I'm not sure of the cost yet because i haven't found the scarfs.  Roy Rogers wore a scarf and so do i.  Like Larry said i look silly in a cowboy hat but i can wear a beret.  For the jackets we the riders will wear ,its a Night Rider sold to us at cost from Teddy thank you Teddy. These jackets are not for sale.  Somethings in life can't be bought. Its a baggy jacket w/ a zipper and velcro,  rain proof and it breathes and in black.  It will have the map on the back and the Seal on the front and probably only have Wranger on the arm.  Anyone want a GAHR book can order it from Larry.  His tool free # is:  866-364-7575.  I tell you now i have put in thousands and we will not profit from this thing.  so there  tomsites

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