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Horse Height Ads

Naawwww....the best thing to do is advertise the horse to be somewhere
between 14.3 and 15.2 hh
and when a person calls and wants to know exactly how tall the horse is,
tell them you don't know
and you don't care. :)

I would have absolutely no desire to sell a horse to a person who is
obsessed with the horse's height.
Good horses come in all heights, and other than being concerned about how
you will look sitting on it
(and how hard it will be to get on from the ground), the horse's exact
height is virtually irrelevant--
unless, of course, you want to do drill team, pas de deux, or you want a
pair of match bays to put in
harness together (but even then, getting them within a few inches of each
other is sufficient).  There
is no reason that an endurance rider should care one whit about exact

Orange County, Calif.

p.s.  Painting a horse and a measuring stick on the wall and then taking a
picture of the horse in
front of it is not a good way to measure the height of a horse, even if
the ground is level...the
height will come out different depending on where you hold the camera.

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