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RC: Horse height ads

Mike Everett
 I would like to have a dollar for every misleading ad there is on horse
height. People think used car dealers are bad, they should follow up on
all these ads on horse height and would see that used car dealers are
saints compared to the honesty in these horse ads. I have driven hundreds
of miles to look at horses that people were dishonest about their size. I
have bought horses hundreds of miles away,subject to being vetted out, and
find that the height was a total lie. Many of these people are on this
list and claim to be expert horsepeople, but cannot even measure a horse.
Talk about credibility. They have absolutely no respect for your time
,effort or money. All they want to do is get your money. I have had people
"stick" the horse before I would travel there to make sure that the size
was correct before I went to evaluate to other aspects of the horse and
they still are not honest. Dishonesty is dishonesty and playing dumb is no
excuse. All along these horse sellers have been told that the specific
size of the horse is one of the major parts of the total package that is
required by me or my client. It makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!Mike Everett

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