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Re: endurance related allegations - discuss on RC or no?


Oh crap, I'm wrong. The first post in the NASTR thread was not anonymous,
was not accusatory and merely stated that the poster had heard about it and
asked if anyone knew anything. I have no problem with this if people who
were there and saw the events unfold offer observations untainted by
emotion. However, it's been documented how inaccurate eye-witness accounts
are in criminal cases. The mind has a way of clouding the "picture" over
time. So, I still seriously doubt the value of discussing this situation on
RC. What's the point if nothing productive can come of it?

A subsequent post, although signed, offered heresay.... I guess I have just
as much of a problem with that as I do with anonymous posts.

I hold myself up as a prime example of someone who thought they had their
facts straight but really didn't. All I did was accuse someone posting

Deanna (Ohio)

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