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endurance related allegations - discuss on RC or no?


I've been following the recent nasty threads on RC. I also followed the
threads on the horse that died last year and of a case of an unhappy
potential owner involved in a horse sale. There have been other nasty
threads on RC. I don't recall the details of each except this:

They were started by an anonymous post.

If a person knows the facts of an incident and is secure in their knowledge,
why the anonymous post? Anonymous posts allow for shocking allegations
without the source to be revealed. How comfortable for the anonymous
individual. Accusing someone of the terrible things people have been accused
of here SHOULD be an uncomfortable experience for the accuser. How better to
deter frivolous allegations.

The anonimity available on the internet is the primary reason that I see to
not want to discuss these things at length on RC. There is no forum for
information to be presented accurately and fairly as long as some of us are
able to remain completely anonymous.

If we were all seated in a huge room where we could all see each other, we'd
know who was present and accounted for and who isn't. At any given time it's
peak ride season somewhere. People who are likely potential eye-witnesses to
events are riding or otherwise engaged in a productive pursuit. Those of us
here are admittedly without reason to ride -- or a reason to do something,
anything more productive -- and looking for an interesting way to pass time.
(OR, in the case of Karen, Angie and a few others, they obviously substitute
RC time for sleep!)

My point is, at any given time, RC can be a roomful of experts or a roomful
of idiots. Angie made the point that some of us look better on RC than we do
in person AND vice versa. Just who can you believe then? Who is who?

Cases of alleged abuse spark emotional reaction. It seems that it's human
nature to be on the lookout for something to be outraged about. Don't we
feel better not being the only one? Let's join the chorus of voices shouting
outrage. Nevermind that our outrage might have little to do with the actual
events under scrutiny.

It's scarey to be a lone voice, especially the first voice, but a name
attached to these initial posts would make them more credible. Stand up for
your convictions!! Show yourself!! You'll earn a heck of a lot of respect
and maybe something productive will be accomplished with the ensuing
discussion. Isn't that what you really want? If that's true, there's a price
tag attached: your name.

These anonymous posts allow me to conclude that there is likely a hidden
agenda is or the person is likely passing hasty judgement without knowing
the facts. 

Join me in shunning all anonymous posts that start a thread. Just don't
reply. If we're going to have a discussion, let's have it ALL out in the
open, no personal attacks, no lynch mob, no excessive emotion that buries
the facts. Or no discussion at all.

Deanna (Ohio)

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