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Maggie Price Illness

From Mary Lutz, USET

As many of you may know, Maggy Price has recently been battling

cancer. Shortly after the Festival of Champions, Maggy noticed a lump in

her back and she was beginning to experience quite a bit of pain. She was

diagnosed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Care Hospital as having a type

of cancer that attacks the smooth muscle tissue. In other words, not the

muscles you have control of but the muscles surrounding the organs.

One of the big problems for Maggy was that the tumor was pressing on the

femoral nerve in her left leg which was causing the pain. However, the

doctors felt that the tumor was totally contained and operable and she

underwent surgery at Sloan Kettering on Thursday, July 26. I am happy to

say that the operation was a complete success. The tumor was completely

removed and the doctors are confident that the cancer had not

spread. Maggy's left leg will be affected however. She will not be able

to start to walk with her left leg, she will have to start off with her

right leg and bring the left along. She will remain in the hospital for

approximately 10 days - some of that for physical therapy.

For the time being, if anyone would like to send her good wishes, I would

suggest they send them to Maggy and John's apartment in New York. That

address is as follows:

Maggy Price

c/o John Potter

111 East 85th Street

Apt. 9F

New York, NY 10028

I assume that Maggy will return to her farm in PA sometime in

mid-August. I'm also assuming that all of her horses will now become

accustomed to someone mounting from the right! I will be calling John and

Maggy once a week to check on her progress. I will try to keep everyone

posted via email but if anyone would like to call me, please feel free:

908-234-1251 - Mary Lutz

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